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The Statistical Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina  is established by the Law on Statistics  of Bosnia and Herzegovina   (“Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, No. 26/04 and 42/04). 

The Statistical Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina is composed of the following persons in ex officio capacity:
(1) Director of the Agency
(2) Deputy Directors of the Agency,
(3) Directors of the Entity  Institutes for Statistics,
(4) Head of the Brcko Branch and any other head of branches which the Agency may establish under the Law on Statistics of  Bosnia and Herzegovina,

(5) the Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina  (or his representative) and
(6) the Minister of Treasury of Common Institutions (or his representative).

The Statistical Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also composed of three members from the data providers and users who are operating in the fields of statistics, economics or business. These three members are appointed for a period not exceeding four years by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of Civil Affairs and Communications. 

The Council meets at least bi-annually.  It gives advice on the preparation and implementation of the Programme and on the functioning and further development of Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, in particular, performs the following:

make recommendations to the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the drafts of the Programme and Work Plan and give opinions on them (including costs)  to be submitted to the relevant authorities by the Agency as provided for in this Law.

monitor the functioning of the Agency and make recommendations to the Council of Ministers  of BiH on the resources needed by the Agency for Statistics of BiH to meet its tasks under the Work Plan and the Programme.   

facilitate co-operation between the competent authorities with a view to achieving the best possible quality statistics to satisfy the needs of users at all levels;

advise on the compliance by competent authorities and the State bodies with the standards issued by the Agency. These standards shall be in accordance with international standards including measures determined necessary to ensure the protection of statistical units as provided for in the Law on Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.