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 January 2018
Environment and Energy Usage of information and communication technologies in households and individuals 2017, first results
Industry Industrial turnover index of Bosnia and Herzegovina in November 2017, first results
National accounts Gross domestic product by expenditure approach 3rd quarter of 2017
National accounts Gross domestic product - 3rd quarter of 2017
Environment and Energy Domestic material consumption DMC, 2015-2016
Transport and Communications Postal services, third quarter 2017
Tourism Tourism in BIH, November 2017
Tourism Cumulative data tourism statistics in BiH, January - November 2017
Labour market Average monthly gross earnings of persons in employment, November 2017
Labour market Average monthly paid off net earnings of persons in employment, November 2017
Agriculture Harvested area and production of late crops, fruit and grapes, 2017
Agriculture Slaughter of livestock and poultry in abattoirs, November 2017
Agriculture Collected of cow's milk and milk products obtained, November 2017
Agriculture Monthly report on activities of hatcheries, November 2017
Labour market Persons in paid employment by activity, November 2017
Labour market Registered unemployment, November 2017
External trade BiH foreign trade in goods statistics, January - December 2017
Demography and social statistics
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Business statistics
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> Industry1
Agriculture, environment and regional statistics
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Multi-domain stats
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